My philosophy was cultivated in New York, the home of refined minimalism.

Finding one's very own "BEAUTY" and one's very own "STYLE". That sounds easy, but actually these might be perpetual themes for women. Many women hesitate to find their own style and feel relieved to be the same as others. I begin by pursuing the beauty of an individual woman in total, and then I draw out the personal beauty of each. Then I neither look for nor hide a person's shortcomings, but rather I focus on and appeal to her personal beauty. In that way I suggest a pure make-up that goes through the strength of cold volition, and this pure make-up can change a person dramatically with even the simplest of steps. The first step for beauty is an open-minded acceptance and enjoyment of my suggestions. With that step a woman's personal beauty changes into confidence and polishes her beauty in a twinkling. That confidence is magical - it changes one's very shortcomings into an attraction. Then one can see one's own "STYLE" naturally.