My personal philosophy, nurtured by the refined minimalism that thrives in New York.

To find your own meaning of beauty, and to find the style that best expresses yourself.
While it may seem simple, this is a potentially an eternal issue that faces all women.
Many women sometimes have difficulty to find their own style,
and feel comfortable in being like everyone else.
I start from the point of pursuing the total beauty for a woman,
and then proceed to draw out the personal beauty of each individual.
After that, rather than locating and hiding flaws, I focus upon and highlight the beauty of that person.
I therefore propose pure makeup unified with a strong, somehow elegant intent,
allowing for dramatic changes even through simple methods.
Accepting this, enjoying it, and keeping an open mind are the first steps toward beauty.
Once you can do that, your personal beauty will be transformed into confidence,
and your beauty will visibly continue to grow.
This magical confidence is enough to turn even flaws into appealing features.
Then your own expressive style will naturally come alive.

People with a presence that sparkles just by being there.
That is the image of women that ADDICTION is looking for.